Interested in a whiter smile? At Esthetic Dentistry, we offer several options for tooth whitening.

1) One hour in-office whitening

In just one hour, you can get the whiter smile you always wanted.

Come to the office, kick back, put on a movie on Netflix, take a nap, or listen to your favorite tunes on your iPod, all while your teeth are getting pearly white!

2) Take home trays with whitening gel (2 weeks)

Custom-trays are fabricated in our office, and then you are given whitening gel. Take them home and start whitening!

3) Kor Deep Bleaching

For stubborn stains that won’t come out with traditional whitening methods, we offer Kor Deep Bleaching. With a combination of take home trays as well as an in-office whitening session, you will achieve a much brighter smile.