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3D Cone Beam X-Rays

At Esthetic Dentistry, we strive to offer our patients the highest standard of care possible. In our practice, we use some of the most technologically advanced equipment in dentistry. One example of this is the cone beam 3D xray. Cone beam 3D x-rays have had a large impact in the last few years of our profession.

casperFor replacing missing teeth, this technology allows us to accurately measure the exact thickness and height of bone available for placing a dental implant.

For diagnostic reasons, the properties of the cone beam 3D Xray are unparalleled.  For almost a century, dentists have relied on the old fashioned x-rays to provide us the information we need.  The trouble with the conventional x-rays is that they are 2 dimensional images of 3 dimensional objects.

You may be familiar with this scenario:  A friend or a colleague falls during a sporting event.  He or she visits the emergency room where x-rays are taken and they are released because the x-rays did not reveal any fractures.  A few weeks later, they have an MRI or a CT scan taken and sure enough a hair line fracture is noted.  This is precisely the issue with conventional dental x-rays.

Dentists have to visualize a very small object in 3 dimensions with a small 2 dimensional x-ray.  We then take supplemental x-rays to see the view from different angles. On top of that we have to take into consideration your subjective symptoms which are often times too unreliable.  This leaves us with “best guess” practices where we have to take all these findings into consideration to interpret and extrapolate a diagnosis.  But with 3D X-rays we can now clearly see the problems.

Much like an MRI, we can view issues in different slices and between your roots.  We can see bone loss that may be hidden behind your roots that we may never see on regular x-rays.  We can visualize if the tooth infection has spread to your sinuses.  The list goes on!  Read the articles below that explore how we can now readily diagnose situations that would have been impossible to do with 2 dimensional x-rays.  You can always contact us to make an appointment at (213) 693-3021

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