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Dental Implants

There are several causes for missing teeth.

Most people experience tooth loss due to aging: the muscles in our jaws weaken, leading to tooth loss. Decaying teeth have to be extracted so as not to infect others. Gum diseases, periodontitis, gingivitis, and poor nutrition also contribute to tooth loss. Thankfully, missing teeth can be replaced by a skilled dentist using dental implants.

There are many consequences to losing a tooth. Aside from an awkward smile, teeth adjacent to the area start moving and invading that space. Over time, the tooth from the opposing arch can migrate into that space, giving the mouth a crooked look. By consulting a dentist, Los Angeles residents can avoid having an asymmetric smile.

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Tooth loss can also affect speech. Our teeth and lips work together to enable us to pronounce words, phrases, and sentences properly. Missing teeth can cause problems with pronunciation and affect function. Implants enable proper to chewing and grinding of your food.  In the past, our profession fabricated bridges to overcome this tooth loss. The detriment to that approach was having to involve teeth adjacent to the area and prepare them to accommodate the appliance.

That approach has now changed. Over the last two decades, our profession has made significant advances. Implants are now placed into the site of the missing tooth. Once that is healed, we simply seat an abutment (post) and then fabricate a crown (cap) on top of that. Implants have dramatically improved life styles for both patient and dentist. Patients, particularly the ones who have had multiple missing teeth, can now chew their food more comfortably and experience improved self-esteem.

We would like to share an experience with one of our patients who had struggled through her adult life with dentures. Watch the video to see how the dentures are secured to two dental implants! We simply placed two dental implants in her lower jaw that kept her dentures in their place and her lifestyle dramatically changed after that. She can function and be confident now like she never could before.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Traditionally, dental implants have been placed by “free hand” with good success over the last few decades.  But that was not good enough for Dr. Mirzayan.  He wanted to offer the best possible treatment for his patient and did not want to leave any  room for error.  Over the last 7 years, he has utilized a technique called guided surgery

A three dimensional X-ray is taken where he can visualize the nerve and other critical anatomy.  He then digitally plans the implants placement whereby a surgical stent is manufactured.  The stent allows Dr. Mirzayan to place the implants exactly where they were designed.  There are numerous such cases documented throughout this category.  Feel free to explore them

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