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Laser Dentristry

Laser dentistry has been part of the dental industry for many decades. It serves many purposes, such as the contouring the bone of gum tissue, treating tooth structure, and even curing the cements that we use to deliver our restorations. Laser dentistry offers us so many benefits; its importance and significance to dental health is recognized worldwide. We, at Esthetic Dentistry, provide laser dentistry because we believe that laser technology can improve patient care, reduce discomfort and pain, and provide convenience in our delivery of dental products and services. Laser dentistry is truly revolutionary, and a wonderful treat to all our patients.

It would be hard not to recognize the exemplary benefits of laser dentistry. Our practice offers both hard and soft tissue lasers to treat problems when they arise. Some of the benefits of the hard tissue laser are the potential to eliminate the need for anesthesia in many cases, a higher degree of accuracy than with traditional tools, and the fact that the laser will kill any bacteria in the decayed area, making your chance of subsequent infection very small. Of course, as with any medical or dental procedure, not every patient’s treatment will indicate laser dentistry. Nevertheless, laser technology essentially helps us provide a number of dental treatments to many patients without anesthesia. Some of the applications you can expect to see soft tissue laser dentistry used for are gum (periodontal disease) treatment and crown lengthening treatment (this is sometimes used to prepare a tooth or teeth for some dental procedures). A major benefit of soft tissue laser dentistry is the reduction in the need for sutures during some gum or soft tissue surgeries, due to the fact that the laser promotes clotting. This can also promote faster healing in the affected area.

Faster wound healing, detection of cavities in their early stages, elimination of bacteria and many more dental concerns can be addressed with laser dentistry. Learn what dental lasers can do for you by visiting Dr. Taline or Dr. Sako at our practice in Los Angeles, CA. Our investment in dental lasers only means that we truly care about your smile and optimum oral health. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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