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FAQ - What Can I do about the Smile Direct Club Bankruptcy and My Treatment

Smile Direct Club’s bankruptcy has unfortunately left thousands of people stranded in the middle of treatment with clear aligners.

This could lead to various issues with tooth function and cosmetics.

How can Esthetic Dentistry help?

Just bring in your Smile Direct Club aligners, and we’ll credit you $400 towards Invisalign to complete treatment
$200 towards Vivera retainers to finish your treatment.

Use the Book Now option to schedule a free consultation or contact us directly by calling (213) 553-4535 or by sending an email to

I ordered SmileDirectClub aligners but haven't received them. What should I do?
Aligner treatment through SmileDirectClub is discontinued. Unshipped orders are cancelled, and aligners will not be shipped.
Is the Smile Direct Club Lifetime Guarantee still effective?
The Lifetime Smile Guarantee is discontinued effective immediately.
How can I request a refund from Smile Direct Club?

Further details will be provided following the bankruptcy proceedings to outline the next steps and options for customers.

At Esthetic Dentistry, we recognize the challenges and uncertainties faced by Smile Direct Club’s patients. Our goal is to assist you in achieving your dream smile. We encourage you to contact us at (213) 553-4535 to schedule an appointment. Our team will explore possible options with you.

For those interested in Invisalign treatment and its process, we offer comprehensive information and support. Dr. Sako Karakozian, a leading Invisalign orthodontist in the United States, and our team of experts are dedicated to guiding you through your orthodontic journey. Despite the difficulties posed by Smile Direct Club’s bankruptcy, we are committed to discussing all available options with you.

We understand the stress of this situation and want to reassure you that there are alternatives available.

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