Looking to straighten your teeth, but don’t want braces for 2 or more years? Powerprox Short Term Braces also known as 6 Month Braces, might be the answer for you. With the use of nickel-titanium wires and clear brackets, we can achieve the smile you’ve been looking for, in as little as six months.

RETAINERS! There are several options for retainers. The bottom line is, once you undergo any type or straightening or orthodontic work, a nighttime retainer is reqeuired for a lifetime. Different types of retainers include:

1) Clear removable retainers. These look just like Invisalign trays. They are practically invisible. You just have to keep them clean by brushing and rinsing them daily.

2) Traditional Hawley retainer. This is the “old-school” retainer that has a wire going around the front of the teeth, with acrylic attached. It works just as well as the clear retainer, but is not invisible.

3) Bonded retainers. These are PERMANENT retainers. They are bonded (cemented) to the back of your teeth. They are not visible. Since they are permanent, the idea is that they will constantly keep your teeth in place. One downside is that they can be difficult to keep clean.

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