This might seem like an obvious question. But we do hear this on occasion. WHY do I need to see a dentist once or even twice a year?

The simple answer is PREVENTION. By visiting a dentist at regular intervals, dental conditions can be detected in their early stages. A dentist can detect small cavities forming by looking in your mouth and evaluating your x-rays. A dentist and/or hygienist can also detect early signs of periodontal disease.  Treating cavities when they are smaller means removing less tooth structure. It also may mean avoiding a root canal and a crown in the future. Regular cleanings and reinforcement of oral hygiene practices will help to decrease the progression of periodontal disease, which will keep the bone around each tooth intact and healthy. This can help avoid tooth loss in the future.

Another very important reason to visit your dentist regularly is for the oral cancer screening. At your regular recall visits, the dentist and/or hygienist will look for any suspicious abnormalities or lesions in your mouth. The tongue, cheeks, gums, palate, and other soft tissues in the mouth are evaluated. By detecting an abnormality in its early stages, the lesion can be treated before it progresses to a more serious diagnosis.

A visit to the dentist isn’t all that bad, is it?