At Esthetic Dentistry, the majority of our clientele is the adult population. And yes, we offer short-term braces to our adults patients. Braces are not just for teenagers anymore!

“I can’t wear braces! I’m 40 years old!” Well why not? These days, seeing braces on adults has become more common. Clear brackets reduce the stigma of “train tracks”  and the overall look of braces has become more esthetic than years past.

We also offer clear removable trays or aligners, but often a patient will choose the clear braces over the clear trays. Why? First, the short-term braces we offer usually work a bit faster than the clear trays. Second, they are significantly more affordable than aligners. Third, there are no excuses. The braces are stuck to your teeth no matter what. With clear trays, the patient has the ability to remove them at any time. When the trays are not in your mouth, they are not moving your teeth. The braces are bonded to your teeth, and are working, 24 hours a day.

Any downsides to braces? Well, some may say esthetics. But it’s only temporary, maybe 6-8 months in most cases. Also, oral hygiene can be more challenging with braces. Our solution is to have the patient use a Waterpik-it is a fantastic tool and keep the gums healthy during the braces process.

If you want to improve your smile and need orthodontic work, consider short-term braces. You may be able to achieve the straight and beautiful smile you have always wanted in six months or less!